Identity Documents

New passport rules hailed by the Chamber

The Ministry of External Affairs was thanked by the ICCI (Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) for streamlining and liberalizing the passport issuing process. President of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, K.Mariappan stated that the new rules and regulations for the passport has provided peace of mind to the general people. Major hurdles have been removed by the 3 member committee recommendation.

Previously, individuals born after January 26, 1989 faced some issues with respect to birth certificate submission. The Ministry’s decision to accept any document like PAN card, school certificate, driving licence, Aadhaar card, Pension order, EPIC as birth date proof will allow people to get passports without going through much trouble.

For women, waiver for marriage certificate submission and giving the spouse’s name in case of divorced or separated individuals can be of great help. The declaration provided by the Orphanage head under the letter head of the orphanage or child care can help the child to avail the Indian passport easily.